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GetSimple CMS: They claim: “The Simplest Content Management System. Ever.”

And I would have to agree. After downloading the code it was up and running in a matter of minutes. Very impressed with the ease of installer, and the ease of customization.

On other flat file CMS I used the Atom Editor to do custom tweaks of the templates. No need for any additional tools here. If you know just a little about HTML and CSS the admin interface allows you to very easily customize the look and feel.

GetSimple CMS is so easy to install, easy to modify the template to customize the look and feel, it's hard to justify using something else for a very simple blog.

March Update The Guru checking in

Getting back, again, to looking at all my web domains. Revisiting this blog, perhaps as nothing more than a marker in time as the progress moving forward.

So what's the point in all of this? Perhaps someone might learn from my journey, and there is a clearly documented answer to "how to I gett here from here."

Updated work in pregress and ideas moving forward on Gu42.us DokuWiki.

Made more sense of map http://www.gu42.us/doku.php/map

Used add page through the Admin Dashboard to create this page. Needed to remember that Parent page is (blog) Blog. Also had to reset, remember, that Template for page was item.

Category in this case defaulted to blog, also added Web Dev and Brain Dumps

Updated Grav pretty easy through Admin Dashboard

Reminder --> NOTE: You cannot add media files until you save the page. Just click 'Save' on top Added graphic to Page Media on bottom of Content tab

Kinda weird how the default use of the graphic makes it short and wide.

Another case of needing to better undertstand tags versus categories.

Show Me The Way

(1) So far I just created this page, added just this line of text.

(2) Need to save the page before adding Media Files

(3) Added a small basic graphic

(4) Need to use the ordered list for this to work, just making the list in the WYSIWYG causes sentences to run and wrap together.

Next Items:

Added to Category Blog

Tag Added Random Thoughts

It did cut off on the preview on its own after the start of the Next Items section here.